ISO 14001 Compliance

THG will guide businesses, large and small, through the environmental management system (EMS) development, certification and registration processes include the following:

Management Commitment

THG will aid well informed management teams to embrace an EMS as a good business practice.

Initial Review

Just like an ISO 9000 internal audit, THG will review practices, training, record keeping, policies, work instructions, and other resources dedicated to meeting environmental needs.

Establish an Environmental Policy

THG professionals will be instrumental in writing a complete environmental policy.

Establish a Plan

THG will create an action plan with quantifiable goals.

Evaluate the Environmental Aspects, Objectives and Targets

THG & Associates will develop documented environmental objectives and targets.

Implementation & Operation

THG will implement a system considering environmental impacts during all business decisions, especially those taken in the Design Control phase of ISO 9000 leading to sustained development and continuous improvement.

Monitor for Improvement Opportunities

THG will develop quality control plans as well as environmental control plans. We will establish goals, identify appropriate measurements, continuous monitoring, and establish corrective actions and continuous improvement plans.

EMS Certification Leading to Registration