Industrial & Solid Waste Management

THG provides municipal solid waste services, including comprehensive solid waste plans, feasibility studies, waste minimization, pollution prevention and recycling programs. Our experienced staff can provide top level services in budget preparation and administrative management consultation. We are experienced in monitoring and remediation efforts such as installation and testing of groundwater monitoring wells and interpretation of test results.

Waste Minimization / Pollution Prevention

THG will prepare complete P2 / WM waste-emission inventories and establish current waste management costs, then develop conceptual strategies and aid in the implementation of source reduction, process modification, recycling and re-use as determined by the client.


Through relations with affiliate companies, THG establishes recycling programs and develops secondary uses for waste materials.

In-Plant Audits

THG will evaluate ongoing operations to identify opportunities to improve solid waste storage, handling, transport or disposal, as well as the development of waste minimization plans.

Management Assistance

THG will assist in management audits or evaluation of field activities to identify areas for cost effective improvements relative to storage, collection, disposal or transport. We also assist in the preparation of operations, specifications or bid documents.

Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plans

THG recognizes that each solid waste problem is unique. We will prepare integrated plans utilizing various technologies to attain maximum reductions of landfill wastes.

Compliance Services

THG offers program development, planning and design services to facilitate compliance with RCRA, TSCA, OSHA and the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act.