Brownfield Redevelopment

THG & Associates has the knowledgeable, experienced, and well-trained professionals to provide a wide range of Brownfield Redevelopment services. In addition to technical environmental services, THG’s staff is involved in providing facilitation, sustainable development planning, public involvement, and grant writing services to local units of government, community organization groups, and private industry.

THG is helping community leaders, economic development practitioners, industries, and commercial businesses form partnerships to create appropriate strategies for environmental cleanup and land reuse.

Brownfield Redevelopment capabilities include the following:

  • Regulatory / Consent Order Negotiations
  • Development of Cleanup Criteria
  • Soil and Groundwater Investigations and Remediation
  • Technical Oversight and Review
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Risk Based Closure Assessments
  • Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Remediation Technologies
  • Bioremediation
  • Mobilization and operation of meteorological data collection stations
  • Remote monitoring of gaseous and particulate pollutants