About THG & Associates

Environmental and Safety Consultants

THG & Associates is an experienced environmental consulting firm that provides quality service to industry utilizing our highly skilled team of environmental professionals. This network of experts will assist you in many of the sensitive areas of environmental compliance, characterization and handling waste, reporting requirements and permitting assistance. Our commitment to excellence assures you that each client we serve will receive unsurpassed consultative services for meeting the many regulatory and liability demands facing business and industry today. The company is widely known and is an acknowledged leader in the application of state-of-the-art technology to the resolution of waste management problems and practices, waste water and water treatment problems and in resource evaluation.

Reasons to Consider THG

  • Experience
  • Quality service
  • Highly skilled team of professionals
  • Commitment to technical excellence
  • Internal QA/QC program
  • A widely known and respected company
  • Complete confidentiality for every industrial client

The organization of the company is structured to give maximum flexibility to the client. Our ability to deliver a team of experts or individuals with the precise experience to augment your in-house staff has proven to be a valuable resource for project management and cost control guidelines under which you may be operating.